Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you take insurance?
  2. How much do initial appointments cost?
  3. How much are follow up appointments?
  4. How soon can I get an appointment?
  5. What is the cost of testing, or is it covered by insurance?
  6. How many follow ups do I need?
  7. Do you prescribe medications or supplements only?

Do you take insurance

We do not take insurance for any service here at Beverly Medical Center and we are opted out of Medicare. This means that our patients take the Superbill we give them at the time of their appointment and file for reimbursement on their own. Our Medicare patients are not eligible to file their Superbills with Medicare, but we can give them instructions on how to file with their secondary or supplemental insurance.

How much do initial appointments cost?

The appointment is a 1 -2hr long evaluation that is spent with the practitioner with whom your appointment was scheduled. During that time you will discuss your concerns, medical back ground, possible testing and treatment options. Also included in the initial cost are a urinalysis and physical exam. Due to the length of the appointment, we take a $60 deposit at the time of scheduling. This will apply to your total new patient visit cost when you come in that day and can be refunded if you choose to cancel as long as it is 24 hrs prior to your appointment. Please call if you have any additional questions.

Appointment Cost
New patients for NP $340
New patients for Dr.$375
Follow up 30 min $115
Follow up 45 min $195
Follow up 60 min $235

How much are follow up appointments?

Our follow ups are charged by the amount of time spent in the appointment with the practitioner only. The typical cost for most patients is $115.00 for a half hour consult, $195.00 for a 45 minute consult and $235.00 for a 60 minute consult. If you feel like you need more than a one hour appointment, we do request that you inform the scheduling coordinator at the time of your appointment. Before the new patient appointment all patients are given a consent regarding these fees and we are happy to copy this for any patient if it is requested.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Due to the length and nature of our appointments, we do not always have availability same day. New patient appointments with Dr Goode are typically booked out around 4-6 weeks, her follow ups are booked out 6-10 weeks depending on the time of year. Appointments with Dr. Sachar, DO are available next week to two weeks out depending on the time of year. Our practitioners work as a team on all cases and have knowledge of each patient, no matter who saw them during the appointment.

What is the cost of testing, or is it covered by insurance?

We do our best to make sure that blood tests are covered by insurance or Medicare. Some insurance companies will cover blood work done as long as it is done through an in-network laboratory. Because of this we try to order labs through Labcorp or another facility that is in network for the patient. We will work with the patient and the lab to get proper diagnosis codes for coverage of needed testing for all patients, Medicare included. We have other testing for hormones, adrenal concerns, GI issues, Food and chemical sensitivities, etc. that require kits from our office. Some have to be paid in full to our office and others are available for a processing fee of $25 with the remainder of test cost paid directly to the lab. At the initial appointment, one of our assistants will go through all testing recommended and each patient will leave with all the information they need to discuss these tests with insurance and decide when to proceed with these tests. We cannot guarantee coverage by insurance on any of these tests, but we do give you the opportunity to determine coverage prior to purchasing any of these tests.

How many follow ups will I need?

Most of our patients will need their first follow up within the first month or two of the initial consult following initial testing. After that we recommend additional blood work and testing every 3-6 months and a follow up to discuss the results after testing is complete.

Do you prescribe medications or supplements only?

Each patient will be handled individually according to their needs. We focus on dietary changes and supplementation; however we will prescribe medications as needed. We do not prescribe narcotic pain killers or most psychiatric medications. If you are currently taking these types of medications it may be best that you continue a relationship with the prescribing physician so that they can continue to follow those concerns.